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As part of "Plan Colombia", the US is sending to that war-torn nation $1.3 Billion in additional aid -- including an extra 42 Hueys and 18 Black Hawk helicopters in supplement the ones already stationed there. Plan Colombia also doubles the number of military personnel to a max of 500 and triples to 300 the number of civilian contractors allowed.

Veterans for More Effective Drug Strategies favors the return of the drug problem to the domain of the medical profession. The 80-year old effort by law enforcement to resolve America's drug problem has failed and drug-related problems are growing steadily worse. Veterans for More Effective Drug Strategies formed as the US plans to expand our military involvement in the Colombian drug war.

This is only one example of the increasingly militaristic nature of drug control efforts within the US and abroad. We call upon the men and women who have served this country so ably in the past to once again volunteer their service and experience to end our foreign involvement in the drug war and to determine a more effective drug strategy for this nation.

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